Donate to the Oak Valley Falcon Foundation

The Oak Valley Falcon Foundation has and will continue to support technology and programs for our 21st century learners. This year will be a difficult year with lots of changes in the way the school works and the amount of effort each of us must make to support our students. Money is tight for everyone, but we hope you will find a way to donate to the Foundation so that we can be there for our students and support the programs they love. We need to help close the gap created by budget cuts to support things like:

  • Science class lab consumables for students to use while at home
  • Supporting the Gateway to Technology class and other elective classes with much needed supplies
  • 6th grade elective wheel consumables
  • Providing the grounds crew much needed money to help beautify the school

Additionally, I know many parents work at or own a local business. This year we have added a new sponsorship opportunity that can help increase the exposure of your business or place of work and show your support for Oak Valley Middle School.

Giving Circles

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$150 Bronze Level
$300 Silver Level
$500 Gold Level 
$1000 Platinum Level
Business Sponsor


Each year, the Foundation partners with Oak Valley leaders to raise funds for teacher and student needs that are not covered by current funding. Our goal is to inspire students to learn, enrich teaching, and enhance the learning environment for everyone in the classroom.

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